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Website Launch Checklist

Website-Launch-Checklist October 21, 2018

Website Launch Checklist

A website is not just about its stunning look.  Beyond this, for a successful and effective website you need to make sure that it has been crafted, programmed and tested properly before its Website Launch Checklist. To ease this, here are things that need to be checked before you have a splendid launch of your website. At Digiant media, we feel your agency plays an important role in doing so.

Webpage content

For visual content, optimizing your images is not only a good practice but will reduce your page loading time and hosting requirements. In addition, check your content and downloadable documents to rich media such as videos, making sure they are working accurately.

For text content, make sure it has been proofread along with spelling and grammar. Paragraphs, headers, lists, and other formatting are also been checked.

Beside the above, make sure all the dummy content on your website has been properly removed and replaced.

Contact details

Your website is a gateway to your business from around the world. Make sure your website has contact details that are accurate throughout the website.

Forms on the website

There is no point, after an arduous work, if the forms on your website are not working well. As a consequence, this could mean you are losing potential business because of malfunctioned forms.

Company Logo

Check if your logo is linked (opens when clicked) to the homepage.


Check favicon is created or not. Favicon is an icon associated with your website, typically displayed in the address bar of a browser or next to the site name in a user’s list of bookmarks.

Links & Social Media

Make sure the internal links and external links (open in a new tab) across web pages are working properly. If you have social media icon, they need to work properly as well.

Responsive Design

With exponential growth of smartphones use, make sure that your website responsive that is compatible to different type of devices and work on them nicely be it mobile, laptop, and tablets, keeping in mind that your website visitors are using different types of devices.

Multiple browser-friendly

For browsers, your website must work well on multiple browsers such as Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari.


Your website should be navigation-friendly, easier to find information. And it has the interactive features.


Make sure integrated third-party tools, such as your CRM, e-commerce and/or marketing platform, are running smoothly.


Considering that your potential customer can avail alternative websites for your kind of business and so on, it is crucial that your website loading time is fast enough or else it can led to a high bounce rate. Failing to optimize your website loading time also affects your page rank.


Adding a sitemap for the website, title and meta tags, and descriptions for all the important pages on your website and much more, can boost search engine optimization (SEO). If you want the website to be indexed by search engines like Google, make sure the search engine indexing is on before launching the website.


Make sure that your website is installed with analytics to capture vital data such demographics of your website visitor, which pages they visit and much more. At Digiant media agency, we make sure that this Google analytics tool has been installed.

Website security

Make sure you cover all aspects website security, defending from viruses and malwares.

If you’ve query related to web design and development, please free to contact Digiant media agency. Digiant is a leading digital agency in Dubai, UAE.  

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