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Web Redesign – An opportunity that deserves great results

Digiant’s website redesign service helps your website back into competition within your industry through a customized and professional website that are aligned with your business goals and marketing objectives. At digiant, we will refurbished your existing website to boost your brand image, traffic, ranking, leads and sales. For digiant team, website redesign is an opportunity to increase the content effectiveness and subsequent traffic to your website, and have a high conversion rate for your business.

Your website is a key component of your marketing team’s toolbox

It’s high time to redesign your website to make it a pivotal factor and an asset for your business, leveraging on your website as an indispensible part of your marketing strategy. A website as your marketing tool, can expose and boost your business like no other marketing tools.


We meet clients with existing websites, but they are not sure how to make it a powerful tool. Some of the existing websites are out there abandoned and not been used actively for a while. It’s time to pause and think of redesigning your website. Digiant team pride ourselves refurbishing our clients’ existing websites and making them a platform to boost clients’ marketing efforts. Each client has their own marketing plan, and our aim at digiant is to make them bespoke and effective and to fit into your marketing plan.

We do free web audit of your existing website, and listen and walk through your expectations from marketing plans or overall business strategy. The follow up web design and development moulds into to exceed your expectations of your plans or strategy through a redesigned, customized website.


Some of the reasons, why clients neglect their website

  • They think it’s too complicated, and needs to start things afresh.
  • Redesigning website is expensive.
  • The company needs a technical-experienced team to understand the dynamics of website as a marketing tool.
  • Lack of awareness of changing online paradigms, or lack of realization that website can be a powerful marketing tool.

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