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How to choose a Top SEO Agency in Dubai for your business

How-to-choose-a-Top-SEO-Agency-in-Dubai-for-your-business December 20, 2021

Global SEO Agency in Dubai, UAE

Digiant Media offers search engine optimisation services to small and big companies globally, ranging from UK to Indonesia with a special focus on MENA region. If you are a business looking for an SEO agency in Dubai, UAE to improve not only your company’s visibility online but also your website rankings on search engines like Google, then Digiant Media can help you fulfil those needs. Digiant Media offers a range of services that aid in achieving the below-mentioneddigital goals for its clients:-

  • Marketing services that drive organic traffic
  • Brand visibility in relevant customer segment
  • Company website ranking on the 1st page for targeted keywords

If your company is looking to partner with one of the best SEO agency in Dubai, UAE to fulfil afore-mentioned aims, then you have indeed arrived at the right place at Digiant Media. Our SEO experts have helped many businesses to execute SEO strategies and tactics to gain better rankings in SERPs, especially Google which is UAE’s topmost search engine with a consumer share of 97% in online searches. Digiant Media’s search engine optimisation methods have resulted in greater sales along with a better ROI on their marketing budget for our clients in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Rest of the UAE, Middle East and North Africa business region and all over the globe.

Research has shown that about 44% of consumers search for a product online before buying it. What’s more important is that 79% of these only click on organic listings. This underscores the importance of optimising the company’s website for any business intending to increase its web presence. In this regard, Digiant Media can help your company formulate a customised SEO strategy based on your business objectives, industry sector and market competitors tailored to gain customers relevant to your company’s products and services. Our SEO team’s experience in marketing, business and content along with expertise in search engine optimisation techniques and industry knowledge will help you achieve your company’s goals. Digiant Media’s track record in search engine optimisation will show you that with our guidance, your business will achieve top rankings in organic results for search queries, by applying ethical and white hat methods only so that these search results are sustainable over a long period.

Digiant Media’s SEO Philosophy

In today’s world, any consumer first turns to search engines when wanting to get more information about a product, service or a supplier. Thus, it becomes imperative that your business be visible to a prospective consumer when the commodity you serve gets searched for online. On the other hand, it’s a proven fact that currently, no digital channel generates leads and sales like a properly optimised company website. This is where Digiant Media’s SEO team kicks in to help you properly optimise your company website by doing SEO tasks centred on:-

  • Clear Content Strategy
  • Technical Proficiency
  • Latest SEO Recommendations
  • Best Practices Of Industry

In fact, our specialty is offering a 360 bundle of SEO services that complements traditional SEO services like on-page SEO, off-page SEO, etc. with creating and optimizing high quality content. This helps us dot all the i and cross all the t so as to ensure effective implementation of your SEO strategy. Our horde of loyal clients can vouch for Digiant Media to be considered one of the best SEO agencies in Dubai, UAE to boost your website visibility efficiently and manage your internet footprint effectively. Digiant Media’s SEO team knows that our clients can only stay on top of consumer minds if they rank higher in search results at all times. Thus, our team of SEO experts strategize a campaign tailored to skyrocket your company’s online sales by driving organic traffic to your website through building and maintaining your business’s web presence.

To summarise Digiant Media’s SEO philosophy, our SEO experts, based on their deep understanding of user intent and in-depth knowledge of search engines, devise bespoke SEO strategies centered on your business objectives to position your company’s website as the most relevant answer to the search queries your target audiences are placing in the search engines. This establishes Expertise, Authority and Trustworthiness (E-A-T) of your website in the minds of customers as well as search engines and not only gains you the relevant customer base but also keeps you ahead of your market competitors.

What is Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)?

The process of maximising the chances of gaining relevant traffic to your company’s website from various search engine’s organic rankings is called SEO.

Search Engine Optimisation includes various tasks like Technical SEO, indexation management, etc. All these tasks are geared towards one objective – optimising a company’s website and its content so as to be discovered by relevant customers through the organic results of various search engines. Any brick and mortar store wants increasing number of people visiting their shops and converting those visits into leads and sales. SEO helps a company achieve this online by not only increasing the quantity but also the quality of customers visiting its website through organic search engine result pages (SERPs) by improving the ranking (minimum 1st page – top 10 listings) of the company website in SERPs for relevant search queries made by existing or prospective consumers with browse or buy intent.

Once this is achieved, SEO dabbles with practices and strategies to make your business rank higher than your competitors in order to get more share of traffic and thereby, more sales. Thus, SEO helps in building and increasing the tangible, measurable value of your company by bringing in relevant consumer traffic organically through search engines.

To better understand this process of helping search engines and customers alike find your website on the internet as well as improving your website ranking on SERPs to generate higher traffic, Search Engine Optimisation can be divided into 3 major parts as follows***:-

  • Off-page SEO – Other websites like blogs, directories, partners, other businesses, etc. give link back to your homepage or other content pages to improve your website’s credibility, authority, etc.
  • On-page SEO –Constitutes tasks like keyword research, tag optimisation, URL structure, keyword selection, content strategy, engaging content ideation, etc.
  • Technical SEO – Includes activities like page speed, mobile responsiveness, broken links, font sizes, colours, correct content on related webpage, etc. to maintain user friendliness of the website. It is mainly related to upholding the standards of User interface/experience (UI/UX).

Brief History of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

SEO has its roots in the 90s with the spread of internet but gained traction after 1997 with the advent of Google. It was only then that companies, few at first, realised the potential of digital marketing and the revolutionary way to gain customers without paying for advertising by creating a website and getting it to rank higher in organic listings of Google’s SERPs. SEO was born in this melee as companies started testing the boundaries of Google’s algorithms and ways to read it so as to understand its logic.

Benefits of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)* –

Out of the innumerable benefits of SEO, the 3 major ones are as follows:-

  • Higher Returns On Investment:

Unlike paid advertising where you get results only when you buy ads, in SEO, one continues to get visitors long after you have spent money and efforts in optimising your website. Thus, one continues to get results even after an SEO campaign has ended because it results in increasing the authority and relevancy of your company. As a result, passive returns in the form of new customers gained for already executed SEO efforts and number of visitors compounding long after implementing SEO strategies leads to an exponential rise in revenue. Hence, due to this passive and compounding nature of gaining relevant leads on SEO tasks and activities, the ROI on SEO is higher to its predecessors like PPC, print ads, etc. due to their exposure lasting only until your advertising campaign lasts.

  • Better Market Share Than Competitors:

Higher the ranking in SERPs, higher is your visibility. Also, higher listing corresponds to higher trust and authority as well as more clicks.

Thus, if your company ranks higher in SERPs, then it is visible to more of your target audience. Additionally, they also trust your website more than your organically lower-ranked competitors. Hence, you get more customers who spend more time and money on your website; thereby enabling you to gain a higher market share than your competitors.

  • 24/7 Open Shop:

By optimising your website to suit the algorithms of the search engines, you are essentially, creating an online shop/promotion place in the form of your website with the search engine acting as a marketing team working non-stop to get customers for your business for free; unless your competitor too leverages the power of SEO to outrank you.

SEO 2021 – New Approach to create Tangible Value

SEO has changed a lot since its birth not only because people found a way to test the limits of search engines so as to outrank competitors but also because search engines’ algorithms keep on updating and evolving. Digiant Media with its hard work and consistent efforts not only keeps track of these changes but updates its strategy and tactics to avail these advantages to our clients. To gain long-term advantages, Digiant Media helps their clients to not only optimise their company’s website for search engines but also understand how the process of SEO works.

SEO, when done properly, is actually a long term process. So, its proper execution necessitates a higher level of understanding and trust between clients and SEO agency. At Digiant Media, we not only advice but also educate our clients through the workings and nuances of SEO. This helps them in not only understanding how their money is spent but trusting us too; in turn, enabling the SEO team at Digiant Media to set up a long-term strategy in conjunction with the client to not only get higher rankings on SERPs but also to totally outrank its competitors in any given search queries. This leads to higher traffic and thereby, sales for your company as well as helps increase the tangible value of your company through SEO. Thus, Digiant Media helps implement SEO 2021 for your business by not only optimising your website correctly but also outranking your competitors in relevant SERPs.

Why should I invest in SEO?

To maintain and increase the tangible value of your business through organic (unpaid) medium of search engines is the short but sweet answer to the question of needing a reason to invest in SEO. This tangible value depends on a number of factors like length of period to rank high on relevant keywords to gain meaningful returns, industry characteristics, number of users searching online for your products/services/company, etc. Once you can calculate the ROI of your marketing budget spent on SEO and the measurable increase (in cold, hard cash) in your company’s value, then you will prevail over all your doubts and stop seeking any more reasons to invest in SEO for your business with Digiant Media, a premium SEO agency in Dubai, UAE.

To begin with this, kindly assess first where your company’s website ranks on Google for your products and services. Kindly keep a note of the rank and if it’s not on the 1st page, stop counting as customers hardly ever browse on from the 1st page. Even studies have shown that 91.5% of search traffic doesn’t go beyond 1stpage while almost 30% of users stick to the 1st website only in the organic listings of SERPs. Thus, not only are you losing out on potential leads but also you are passing them onto your competitors who are growing bigger and better. SEO can help you to bend this reality but rather than only telling you SEO is necessary in this day and age and will vastly benefit your business, let us see how much SEO is actually worth to your company in terms of monetary value. For this, we need to take into account 3 factors mentioned below*:-

  • Company’s visibility on search engines –

Search visibility is defined as the rate at which your website gets seen and accessed by users from SERPs. It is an actual metric that calculates the visibility of one’s business for industry-specific and business-related keywords and predicts how much traffic will be generated based on sectoral click-through rate e.g. the click-through rate is 30% for BFSI industry.

  • Search visibility in relation to competitors –

In SEO, ranking higher is directly proportional to higher visits and leads. Thus, by calculating the search visibility rate of your competitors, one can predict how much more visibility and thus, visits your website is generating in comparison to your competitors e.g. the lead conversion rate in credit card industry is roughly 5%. Now, this difference when converted into monetary value will give you the exact figure that SEO contributes to your business in terms of tangible value.

  • Tangible value of your online traffic in actual currency –

A business will calculate the value of a product/service in terms of liquid money. Thus, we have to convert the difference in visits of you and your nearest competitor into hard cash. To do so, we need to multiply them by cost per click and we get a numerical value of the money that a new company entering your market will have to spend to reach your position.

Now, you get an idea how SEO is already adding value to your business. Also, it will now free you to calculate how much to spend on it and the business revenue to expect on that. If any doubts or queries still remain in your mind, we urge you to talk to our trusted SEO consultants through any mode of communication listed on our Contacts page.

SEO Services offered by Digiant Media** –

  • SEO strategy development
  • Website & SEO audits
  • Competitor analysis
  • Advanced keyword research
  • On-page optimization
  • Social media optimization
  • Google analytics
  • On-site SEO content creation and development in various formats
  • Article & PR creative writing
  • Website backlink building (commonly known as link building) and auditing
  • Advanced reporting
  • Website updates for SEO
  • Google whitelisting and penalisation recovery/removal
  • Google my business and map optimisation
  • Geo-targeted SEO
  • Mobile SEO
  • Local (Gulf) SEO

This covers up almost all aspects of SEO. This is one of many defining factors of Digiant Media SEO team that differentiates it from others since with us, businesses can avail a 360 bundle of SEO services.

Digiant Media’s SEO Process –

When you choose to partner with Digiant Media for SEO services, first and foremost, you can expect brand immersion from our side wherein we delve deep in to understanding your business. This helps us to understand your business objectives which will act as the centre around which our SEO strategy will revolve and also help us both get on the same wavelength.

After understanding your business, we will move onto formulating the ideal SEO strategy personalized to those business objectives. This starts by a thorough analysis of your website called site audit. This helps us generate data to build your SEO strategy as well as quick hits which are SEO goals that can be met in the short term while the long-term groundwork is being laid by Digiant Media for your website. The SEO strategy consists of various techniques and tactics like SEO objectives behind tasks, direction of activities, content gaps, untargeted keywords, KPI metrics, etc. so as to achieve the most bang for your buck i.e. ROI.


Digiant Media SEO Pathway

Digiant Media’s SEO process can be divided into 3 parts mentioned below*:-

  • Research & Setup:

Research constitutes discovering data regarding search terms. It deals with SEO tasks like customer persona, consumer search behaviour, keyword research and mapping as well as its capabilities with respect to Google trends, competitor analysis (organic & industry), etc. Setup phase includes setting up your website on al search engine tools like Google console. On our side, it means including your website for research on various search marketing tools that we use.

  • Implementing your customised SEO strategy:

Next up is crafting a SEO strategy most suited to your company’s goals of digital growth based on on-page and off-page SEO as well as content marketing along with technical SEO where technical problems and advanced tactics like schema mark-up are implemented by the IT team. As regards content marketing, Digiant Media ensures use of only ethical, white-hat tactics like targeted anchor-text, etc. used by all global SEO conglomerates to reap in SEO value from local sites as well as worldwide and avoid Google penalties blacklisting your brand. Other tasks executed include market strategy, competitive gap analysis, targeted keywords and pages, etc.

  • Reporting the results of mutually agreed KPIs and revenue periodically:

Based on SEO tasks executed and activities implemented, we also submit the relational results for an agreed period like bi-monthly, bi-quarterly,bi-yearly, etc. These reports contain SEO metrics like website rankings, organic traffic movement, etc. as well as business KPIs. This helps you to keep track of the SEO campaign and the ROI on marketing budget. Our detailed structure on Google data studio shows reports that tell you the results of SEO activities implemented through KPIs like Organic Traffic Progress (sessions, users, pageviews, bounce rate, pages/session). Keywords Ranking Progress (cloud solution for track record), etc. as well as calculate and track ROI via Transactions, Sales Progress, Performance Benchmarks, etc.

Thus, when you award Digiant Media the SEO mandate for your company, our SEO team starts crafting a personalized SEO strategy in alignment with your business goals so as to help your website rank topmost for the relevant searches. In order to do so, we talk to you and your employees to better understand the company and the market it does business in because SEO strategy isn’t a one size fits all framework and varies from business to industry to budget. As a premium boutique SEO agency in Dubai, UAE, Digiant Media’s SEO team when conversing with you, will end it by illuminating the challenges, agreeing on the goals and then, setting up a SEO strategy based on a detailed analysis of your website as well as competitors. This site audit and review helps us in finding and sharing with you any problems on the website or hidden opportunities like content gaps that can be exploited for explosive growth and quickly outranking competitors and moving ahead in relevant listings on SERPs; thereby driving the trajectory of sales upwards and amassing brand awareness along the way.

Digiant Media is one amongst the best, independent SEO agencies in Dubai, UAE that have a proven track record of delivering results to clients using white-house SEO tactics only to prevent clients being penalised or worse, blacklisted by Google. After the afore-mentioned website audit, understanding business objectives and competitor analysis, Digiant Media’s SEO team prepares a SEO strategy unique to your company’s characteristics and needs and drafts a long-term action plan to achieve digital goals aiding company’s growth organically. This is followed by an intensive round of keyword research and selection to be used on current as well as new pages on website to improve rankings on SERPs and attract more of the target customer base. Simultaneously, identified websites in our repository are targeted to give genuine backlinks to your website to increase its expertise, authority and trust (E-A-T) so that rankings increase and correspondingly traffic. Along with implementing content strategy and technical SEO deployments, we periodically report to you the SEO activities being performed and give a real-time access on Google Data Studio to check keyword ranking, website traffic and other KPIs live.

If you want to gain a still better POV about SEO, mentioned below is a brief perspective about Search Engine Optimisation from the eyes of Digiant Media*:-

  • Technical SEO –

As the name suggests, technical SEO deals with the technical constitution and infrastructure of your company’s website and is quite often forgotten and underrated part of SEO strategy. Not at Deviant Media though, where our SEO team conducts a site audit to identify and fix technical errors that are stopping search engines from accessing your website and recognising the great content. When properly done, it is an intricate and comprehensive process that necessitates changes on code/UX level to aid SEO implementation. Our expertise in this domain of SEO is reflected in this recommendation to our client. Whereas other SEO agencies usually just check page speed to tag your website as slow, Digiant Media goes one step ahead and calculates TTFB – time to first byte too. On doing so, we recommended an existing client of ours hailing from UK that while his site wasn’t slow, it was only the initial packet taking time to arrive from server that was causing buffering and increasing loading time. This is the benchmark that any company looking for search marketing services requires and one that can be fulfilled by the experienced SEO experts at Digiant Media.

  • Off Page SEO –

While the common practice amongst SEO agencies is to increase the number of backlinks, at Digiant Media, we do offsite strategy differently by making it user-centric to gain organic success. The changes in algorithms have rendered search engines smarter than before and thus, not easily fooled by sheer volume. Google itself has advised companies to avoid building backlinks in bulk and avoid SEO agencies who buy such backlinks for you. In fact, at Digiant Media, our SEO team channelizes an off-page SEO tactic wherein sorting anchor-texts and deleting toxic backlinks results in improved rankings for corresponding keywords. Digiant Media’s off-page SEO strategy entails the use of engaging but authoritative content coupled with a natural backlink profile to slowly build trust for your website and improve rankings. Thus, Digiant Media’s Off-page SEO is defined by natural organic link-building rather than commercial spammy backlinks.

  • On Page SEO –

We assign great importance to on-page SEO as it is congruent with Digiant Media’s SEO philosophy: E-A-T i.e. Expertise, Authority and Trustworthiness e.g. when content with no/few keyword gaps and articles following a theme grouped together is presented to search engines, they assign authority to your site and pull your rank higher for corresponding searches and relevant queries. Simply put, on-page SEO is the process of giving search engines an appropriate interface and users a proper experience on the website. A good example of that would be internal linking of relevant web-pages but ensuring that while navigation pages have links coming in as well as going out, transactional pages have links incoming only so as not to distract customer from completing the purchase. For an amateur, it seems a complete hassle but not to the professional SEO team at Digiant Media.

Any SEO newbie will create content and upload it randomly in a haphazard manner on your website and then tell you to expect clicks. However, changes in algorithms have made search engines not easily duped by such simple SEO tactics. Digiant Media differs from other SEO agencies not only in Dubai, UAE and MENA zonebut also internationally in this respect by offering content with real value that reflects your website’s true expertise to search engines and thus, builds authority overtime.

  • SEO Content Creation & Development –

An outside factor influencing the success of SEO strategy is quality content. Content relevant to search queries increases your website’s visibility rate in SERPs. Digiant Media works hard to put right content correctly on your website to increase organic traffic by identifying gaps to silo in themed content or opportunities hitherto unexplored. On selecting Digiant Media to partner your company for SEO services, you will avail a highly experienced team of content writers, copywriters, videographers, photographers, content creators and designers, etc. that showcases proficient expertise in the field of search marketing and digital advertising. Digiant Media’s SEO team will create compelling, high quality content that boosts relevance and trust and ultimately, pulls organic traffic to your site. Additionally, our initial audit also assesses content in relation to competitors so as to provide insights into building strategy to outrank them.

Why Choose Digiant Media as your company’s SEO partner?

SEO aids your company’s website to be found by search engines for relevant customers organically (unpaid). Digiant Media is a one-stop shop for SEO services not limited to Dubai, UAE but a global SEO agency with a specialised focus on Gulf and MENA region. Our experienced team of SEO experts will craft an ideal SEO strategy that is effective in getting results for business and efficient in getting returns on budget.

Digiant Media’s SEO team undertakes a thorough business and market analysis before undertaking projects for its clients to not only craft the most eligible strategy but also identify most suitable techniques. Our specialty lies in availing various tactics and methods from our vast repertoire of experience and expertise to draft different strategies using varied techniques suitable to a number of budgets and present you the one most suited to your business needs and budgetary restraints. Most importantly, we are not one of those SEO agencies that use unethical, barred practices to gain boosts and results in the short term but harm your company long-term through blacklisting and search-engine penalties. Being one of the best search engine optimisation agencies in UAE, Digiant Media helps you properly and ethically achieve the following:-

  • Get relevant leads and prospective customers details non-stop year round, even when you sleep
  • Use ethical white-hat techniques properly in order to avoid search engine blacklisting and penalisation
  • Improve and maintain rankings for targeted keywords
  • Boost your traffic and sales
  • Craft bespoken SEO strategy tailored to your needs and budget
  • Target chosen customer segment effectively
  • Outrank competitors efficiently
  • Avail the latest industry know-how and practices

On this, you may think that there are other SEO agencies in Dubai, UAE that promise similar things. To this, we reply that it’s not what we give but the way we give it based on the popular adage – Winners don’t do different things, they do the same things differently. In comes Digiant Media SEO team’s C-A-T advantage explained below***:-

  • Content: Creative, opulent and SEO optimized content is the ace in our pack that rules over all. Our content comes follows a two-pronged approach – establishing relevance with search engines and converting leads into sales. Our professional experts create content targeting priority keywords based on keyword analysis and mapping as well as content assessment and optimization to help you improve your SEO rankings fast.
  • Authority: Digiant Media not only focusses on improving your rankings and traffic along with outranking competitors but also on establishing your website as an authority in the minds of customers and search engines. Authority automatically breeds expertise and trust. A good example of authority is Wikipedia. From the POV of users, one usually goes on Wikipedia to get general, expert information on a subject and doesn’t usually follow it by any other site visit. And from the perspective of search engines, Wikipedia has been assigned a domain authority of 98/100. At Digiant Media, our SEO efforts are planned to achieve authority for your website so that you will gain innumerable customers and high brand value along with maximum ROI. This is done using various techniques like original and rich content, natural backlink profile, etc.
  • Technical Aspects: Digiant Media strives to not only tick the SEO boxes of what’s necessary but go one step further and see our SEO changes are supported by proper technical health on your website. Ex. It is no good adding video on your homepage to increase traffic if the site isn’t optimized technically to reduce loading times as it will result in an increase in bounce rate and reduce your credibility in the eyes of search engines; thereby causing your rankings to plummet. Our overall SEO knowledge honed by years of hard work implementing SEO techniques and collective SEO wisdom gained from our past efforts especially concerning the SEO-related technical aspects of your website ensures that not only are our SEO efforts properly deployed but that there is no linking action in other part leading to negative consequences. Digiant Media dives into finding and correcting technical errors like XML sitemap, robots.txt, indexation management, website hierarchy, code optimization, TBBT, page-speed, etc. to improve search visibility and give a proper and pleasant experience to search engines and users resp.

This C-A-T implementation technique of ours is what differentiates Digiant Media from other SEO agencies in Dubai, UAE. A common complaint of companies when contracting their work to an outside firm is that although they did their work as promised, they didn’t do it in a proper way that would have maximised the results as well as returns. Digiant Media’s C-A-T execution ensures that while we do all things as promised, they will be done in a befitting manner so that you won’t be left unsatisfied with the results achieved and the returns won’t leave you wanting for more.

The clients of Digital Media’s SEO team stand to benefit from their vast experience and sharp expertise in deploying organic search marketing campaigns in Gulf region and around the globe. Digiant Media leaves no stone unturned in assessing all aspects of your website like keyword analysis, backlink profile, content, internal linking, competitor content, etc.

At Digiant Media, your company can benefit from highly relevant organic leads by availing our SEO package that gains you technical industry expertise and top practical experience. To achieve the best results for your company through SEO, kindly talk to our trusted SEO consultants on the number listed in Contacts section.

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