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Hiring a top Web Design Agency in Dubai in 2021

Hiring a top Web Design Agency in Dubai in 2021 January 24, 2021

There is no denying that COVID-19 era has brought immense change to your audience behavior. In 2021, your company’s first interaction with your audience is more likely to take place on Internet. This said, it demands for your business to focus and even boost more online presence. At Digiant Media, we see your website as a vital opportunity and tool not only to get more customers visit to your business on web, this is the time to forge stronger ties and to sustain your business growth as internet has become necessary to most people. And your website remains at core to your online presence and business with all digital platforms and online interfaces connected (directly or indirectly) to your website. The bottom line is: your website is prime face of your business on Internet.

Web Design, also referred to as website design, is one of the most essential assets for all businesses – big or small – across diverse industries, especially in commercial hub like Dubai, which has one of highest number of Online Users and Internet Penetration. During COVID times, your website has become immensely important for your traffic as a gateway to your products and/or services.

If your company is based in Middle East, picking the right website design agency and expert web designers is something every business owner or marketing team has to do at this point. It is a huge obligation on their part to choose the best web design agency in Dubai. You would need an efficient website from all aspects – layout, navigation friendliness, features, functionality, high quality content, visuals, unique selling proposition, branding – to deliver an engaging experience to your website visitors, and to convert them into your loyal customers.

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Hire the website designer and developer from the list of web design agencies near you or in the UAE, who understand your business and your customers. More importantly, it can turn your website into a key asset for your business.

It will make your life easier, as you will be able to focus more on other sides of your business.

Qualities of a Top Web Design and Development Agency

  • Their own website is effective, professional one with stunning design and outstanding usability. It should speak about their brand image. How creative they are on social media.
  • They understand marketing mix, branding, copywriting besides being expert in areas of web design, coding and related areas like digital marketing, search engine optimization (SEO) and so on. Experienced teams have expertise in HTML/HTML5, CSS, Jquery, JavaScript, PHP/Mysql, Laravel and CakePHP in Dubai. Their projects are built on various platforms like WordPress, Drupal, Magento, OpenCart, WooCommerce, Shopify and many more.
  • They adapt to latest trends and have been embracing change in new technology, innovation and market expectations.
  • Their work portfolio manifests quality work for diverse industries – big or small. Check if the websites they have created have three basic website features that go without saying: creative web design, custom & SEO-friendly website design and responsive website.
  • Testimonials and online reviews – need to know if what their past customers say about the agency.

Some other factors that should be looked into while hiring a website agency in Dubai for your business among the others on the best web design agencies list.

  • Quality of work and projects they have delivered.
  • Combined Experience in Dubai and UAE. It is important element of full service web design and development and digital marketing agency.
  • Transparency in Project Cost with breakdowns of the rates. Find a website agency that can create a professional, effective website that is affordable for your business. Ask them to define the various phases of their processes. Normally, a web design agency has four major phases of website design and development – discovery and planning, design mockups, coding and website launch. A constructive discussion can bring you the best possible website for your budget.

At Digiant Media, our process ensures that we understand your requirements correctly and deliver you a bespoke website that fits to your business needs and cutting-edge marketing essentials. Our first phase is to do comprehensive research and find out your goals and overall requirements. In the second phase, based on our research and discovery we create a website project roadmap.

In the third phase, we create mockups for your feedback, reviews and approval. Once a design is approved, the next phase involves coding and developing the website with latest features, functionality and user-friendly effects. Our fifth phase which is website testing phase, we make sure it works as planned. And there are no errors or issues in functionality. Once the website is tested across multiple devices like desktops, tablets and smartphones, in the final phase we launch your website for public viewing.

Having increased online visibility for your products and services means chances to remain your business ticking. This can be also the time to boost engagement with your business via your website.

Build on your look and feel of your business website. If your website is sleek, user-friendly, offers visitors easy navigation with great visuals – it means your visitor is going to spend more time on your website. This is a great chance for businesses to showcase their products and/or services for conversion of a potential customer to a buying customer.

In Dubai, you do not have an efficient website, this means you are missing out massive opportunity to grow. At Digiant, we see an unprofessional website is worse than having no website. Any business should be responsible to get an effective website by hiring a professional website agency to design or redesign your website.

Besides making sure your website agency understands your business and online objectives. What do you need to expect from your website agency?

A team of professional designers and web developers, who can build your website with state-of-the-art skills and expert knowledge of modern tools and technology, offering delightful online experience to your visitors. They understand the best practices and the latest trends of web designing and development.


Fully responsive website that gives users easy-navigation. This now goes without saying, to check if your website is responsive design or not. Responsive website gives more power to your online presence. Smart phones and other mobile devices have become the first interface of your audience. Ask your website agency to emphasize on the responsive design as much as on large screen versions. Study shows during Covid times, the number of mobile viewers has outnumbered desktop ones.

The agency makes your website efficient by focusing on various details starting from design phase, development phase to launch phase. Among the elements of website, make sure you have easy call-to-action features. Social media links on the website are also important to impress your visitors, but it is important to understand that include these links only if you are active on the social media platforms.

Focus on small details – your website agency should aware of technical know-hows, every important functionality and features that matter.  For example, the proper title and description of each webpage helps in website ranking on search engines or creating sitemap help you boost your SEO. Overall, attention to details on your website will help your business generate leads and call-to-action.

Great Communication – they listen, understand and deliver to your business need. They have great skills of project management. Choose an agency that offers transparent web design and development costs as well as timeline with proper breakdowns. Around Dubai, you will find professional, experienced website agencies with clear communications. Make sure you find a right web design agency as your website project is vital to your business more than anyone else.

Web Design is important for your business in 2021

More and more people are banking on internet for information and shopping in the times of COVID-19, this has changed the way potential customers behave – this make you understand that your customers, as they look for products and services on internet – really expect your business website to be user-friendly, visually stunning and efficient. They also expect your website is responsive across various devices like smartphones, tablets and other browsers.

Choosing an unprofessional agency can detrimental to your website project, if that particular agency fails to understand your business and marketing objectives.

At Digiant Media, we genuinely feel you need a well planned and customized website. There is no looking back; we live in a digital world and Dubai has a vibrant digital economy. If you do not have an efficient website, take action. And take action now to hire an agency that upgrade, redesign, revamp or completely builds your website from the scratch. Our aim at Digiant is to add value to your business through beyond web design and development services. The fact that we have been creating and delivering result-driven websites along with integrated services like web hosting, social marketing, branding and content writing make us it easy for your business.

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