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How to Choose the Best Website Design Company in Dubai?

how-to-choose-the-best-website-design-company-in-dubai November 14, 2020

Choosing a professional Website Design company in Dubai can be exhausting considering its dynamic economy and extreme long list of web design companies based here.

At Digiant Media, based in this vibrant city, the Middle East that we know has witnessed a rapid digitalization over the last few years. In turn, the demand of websites has prompted several Dubai based website designers and companies offering website design services and packages.

From enquiring about your services or products to buying grocery, clothing, gadgets, booking flights, customers can get it done from their desktop screens or mobile devices due to the extensive digitalization.

Internet users in the United Arab Emirates

  • There were 9.73 million internet users in the United Arab Emirates in January 2020.
  • The number of internet users in the United Arab Emirates increased by 128 thousand (+1.3%) between 2019 and 2020.
  • Internet penetration in the United Arab Emirates stood at 99% in January 2020.

Social media users in the United Arab Emirates

  • There were 9.73 million social media users in the United Arab Emirates in January 2020.
  • The number of social media users in the United Arab Emirates increased by 577 thousand (+6.3%) between April 2019 and January 2020.
  • Social media penetration in the United Arab Emirates stood at 99% in January 2020.

(Source: Source: www.datareportal.com/reports)

Digital presence is crucial, and your website plays a vital role in order to sustain and grow in the hypercompetitive market. Therefore, for startups, SMEs, corporates etc., having a poor-quality website is not enough in this era. Business must understand the importance of effective website like never before. This makes hiring the best web design company in Dubai is crucial for your successful growth.

At Digiant Media, we assessed what it takes to be the best website company in this business hub of Middle East.

Even though the current market has become mature with competing services, it is important if you are based in Dubai to know more than the rate card of prospective website company so that you can find one that delivers real-world results aligned to your marketing goals.

At Digiant Media we understand this, and our key objective is not only to provide customized, but also to connect with your audience at a deeper level through proficient design offerings. You will find Digiant, as your website design company, is professional, experienced and also matches the international market standards.

Website planning and design is important for your business, whereby money is spent for different features, and often it gets wasted if unprofessional services are provided by the website design agency. In a cosmopolitan marketplace like Dubai, your business needs an effective website.

Simply put, to make a website that can boost your online traffic and offer outstanding value for your return on investment (ROI), you will require a professional, experienced website design company in Dubai.


Since its inception in Dubai, Digiant Media has been providing web design services to companies across diverse industries that look for professional, creative and effective websites for their businesses.

Now the big question is, why one should hire website company like Digiant Media?   

Digiant Media understands Dubai market and researches your demographics and audience before designing bespoke website design service packages according to the requirements and affordability. This entails the different offerings, price points, customizable features, UI/UX interfaces, functionality, call-for-actions and responsiveness required by the customers, which brings Digiant Media on a point of difference with other website design and development companies.

Digiant is a professional, experienced and knowledgeable firm, with a track record of handling high frequency and diversified clients, who are looking for integrated web services. Hence it would not be wrong to say that Digiant has a market landmark and is already recognized in the industry for the type of work that it delivers.

The group of website specialists at Digiant comprises of a creative director, dedicated project managers, marketers (in-house marketing team), experienced graphic designers and expert web designers and programmers with proficiency in WordPress, PHP and Ecommerce platforms. The cutting-edge expertise and over 20 years of combined experience make Digiant media stand out and hence listed among the best website design companies in Dubai.

The group works dedicatedly to give innovative yet user-friendly webpage designs, persuasive content, easy to navigate client experience in addition to cutting-edge features and functionality. Imaginative and easy to use sites consequently help the clients satisfy their objectives of driving traffic and boosting marketing goals.

While there are many market players offering website building services, Digiant Media differentiates with its professionalism, expertise, in-depth attention to details, 100 percent transparency throughout the website design & development phases, and completion of projects on time.

Reasons why Digiant Media the right fit for YOU?

  • Extensive Experience

Digiant website design company in Dubai has over 20 years of combined experience, delivering projects across diverse industries and business of all size. We are proud of having splendidly diverse clients – across industries and size, working with companies ranging from long standing corporates, SMEs to fledgling start-ups.

If you are to hire a website company in Dubai, one of the factor is to find out how many years of experience the company has in this field and what type of websites they have successfully built.

  • Digiant Media’s Work Portfolio

To find if the web designers of a company have capability to create a site as per your requirements, browse through past works and case studies of the company.

Evaluating Digiant’s work helps you give a reasonable appraisal of what you can anticipate. Our portfolio is extensive yet diversified, serving an array of different industry across SMEs, startups, government agencies and big corporates – both Dubai city and nationwide businesses.

Before appointing a website agency, check out their work portfolio or website projects to get a clear idea of their expertise level and professionalism. Top website companies refines even if you have unclear idea and makes sure it works. Plus, they can help your business save a lot of time and money.

At Digiant Media, one of our objectives is to maximize the return on investment (ROI).

  • Digiant Media easily collaborates and works together with their clients

Website Companies, who are driven by core values and work ethics, work as a team. They listen and assess your brief properly and understand your needs. They put the discussed plan into action. Did they ask you a lot of questions like ‘who are your competitors?’ ‘Who are your ideal clients?’ In addition, they maintain excellent communication and understanding during every phase of website design and development process.

At Digiant, we like to work as team for our clients. Listening to their problems and solving them through web solutions remain a priority. At the same time, we remain committed to deadlines and transparent in our dealings.

  • Website Agency Client Testimonials

Reading the reviews and comments, if they are negative or positive recommendations. In many ways, what other people write about the website company can give you better knowledge about the company work and professionalism.

We encourage prospects to check out what our past and current clients say about us.  Since its journey, Digiant has managed to build trust, credibility and reputation among our clients.

  • Online reviews about Digiant Media

Real-time evaluations of website design agencies found on web portals and social media like Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Clutch, Yelp and so on are manifestation of their customer service and work culture, and offer an impartial feedback of their past clients. Undoubtedly, this remains a robust means to see how happy are their customers.

Digiant Media Dubai


  • Dubai, UAE based
  • Over 20 years of combined experience
  • Dedicated project manager for each website design project
  • Proficient in CMS based websites, Custom made websites, Ecommerce websites development
  • No project too big or too small
  • Reliability and accountability
  • Reasonable pricing

How your website company excels

Digiant website design and development service entails understanding the vast range of technical services. There are various CMS (Content Management Systems) websites built with CMS platforms like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and so forth which helps you update your website with ease. Even a non-technical staff can update these CMS based website with basic training.  At Digiant, we use versatile ecommerce platforms like Magento, Opencart, WooCommerce, Shopify and even ASP, ASP.NET, custom PHP based platforms like Laravel to create your ecommerce site.

Content Services for your new website or website that needs to refurbished

Content of the site is frequently ignored when you are excessively centered around generally speaking style of the site. Content, including visuals, is key to keep your visitors engaged with your services or products and brand. Plus, our upgraded UI/UX interfaces boost your visitors’ stay on the site.

Responsive Design to fit across all mobile devices


Study shows Dubai among the highest number of smart phone users in Middle East. In addition, UAE has highest Internet penetration in the Middle East.

These above factors prompt businesses in Dubai and UAE to make sure their websites are responsive to smartphones and tablets. Understanding this, at Digiant Media, we deliver responsive website design for each of our client. In turn, responsive website pages produce higher transformations and result in better ROI.

Website Design Pricing

In Dubai, website design cost can very from a few dirhams to a fortune. But, the important reminder for businesses is to look at the transparency of price guide or quote provided to them by the web design service providers. A breakdown of price quote is even better. The bottom line should be, do not try have a small budget for your website (since it is one of the powerful marketing tools in digital era), and do not build a website that will not do any good to your business.

At Digiant Media, we take web design is huge opportunity for a business. And our aim is to serve all type of businesses with full concentration. For this we have cost effective web design options and pricing for every business so that no business misses out immense online opportunities due to comprises made on your website.

Ultimately, your business website will be your online face of your business, and first point of contact on Internet.

It is not hard to find a website design company Dubai these days. But the above-mentioned points will help you find a top company which ensures your website is a profitable investment.


Considering website design service has become one of the most sought services to sustain and grow your business in digital economy of Dubai. Client prefer choosing Digiant Media because we offer you the best website designing services, and are dedicated to help business with their websites and online presence.

True to our reputation, we make sure that your website is responsive, user-friendly, effective and attractive over all with our research, planning, design and development.

Being one of the leading companies in Dubai in this niche, we are committed to create your website based on your brief and business needs.

Having a team of most skilled and capable website designers in Dubai, we take business dedicatedly and so our clients are also taken sincerely.

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