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Top Dubai Web Design Agency ultimate guideline for website design in 2021

top-dubai-web-design-agency-ultimate-guideline-for-website-design-in-2021 February 27, 2021

With increasing number of Internet users and easy access to it, there are broader target audience growths for the businesses. At Digiant Media Web Design Agency in Dubai, our experts advise website for your businesses need to be up-to-date with adaptation of technology, new trends and changing paradigms. An efficient website always fast becoming most vital tool for your business marketing team.

Here is a guideline highlighting important points for business owners or a business marketing team can look into before signing up for their web design project and to guarantee a result driven website for the years to come.

1. Define your website goals

Let your website agency understands your website goals in 2021 marketing plan and for long-lasting effectiveness so that they can have a robust web design and development plan before commencing the project. Creating a plan, with discovery and knowing your audience, competitors helps build an efficient website aligned with your marketing objectives and be successful.

At Digiant Media, we emphasize your website can be an asset if built professionally with great detailing to get new leads, to convert visitors into potential buyers or to boost your brand awareness.

2. Create great content

Give solutions to your visitors for which they are browsing your website by keeping content precise, relevant and bullets. Create the engaging content with your audience in mind and inspire them to take actions with appropriate call-to-action features. And importantly, use normal language to support voice search.

Keep your content updated regularly. Create Download PDFs and other resources to keep your audience engaging with your brand or service.

3.  Social media marketing


Integrating Social media with your website is significant than ever, and it can boost your audience engagement and interaction with your brand. At Digiant Media, we see this is an opportunity to share content and promote your products and/or services to a wider audience.

This works in tandem, direct your social media audience to your website and vice versa, that enabling website audience to access social media platforms from your website.

4. Mobile friendly website

According to Statista, in January 2021, mobile devices excluding tablets accounted for over 55 percent of web traffic worldwide. And the number smartphone and other mobile devices increase exponentially. Keeping in this mind your website needs to be mobile-friendly.

5. Fast loading website

Search engines like Google love fast websites, which are good for SEO ranking. Your visitor would not wait for your website to load if it is not fast enough especially if they have alternatives. Visuals play vital role in enhancing look and feel of your website, and boosting the first impression to your online visitors. Make sure you optimize the images for fast loading and fits well on mobile devices.

Follow the best practices to tag the images with Meta tags like title, description and alt tag.

6. Brand consistent website

You website design is lot to do with its aesthetics. The colors, fonts and overall look and feel of website should reflect your brand value. In long run, your website plays a key role in boosting your brand.

Digiant Media is committed to go beyond good-looking website design and development, our aim is to create web design strategies to build professional, efficient website that would help your marketing efforts for years to come.

7. Optimize for SEO


Onsite and Offsite SEO are inevitable for your website to be found. Make sure you use consistent keywords in titles, Meta descriptions, alt tags (for images) and most importantly create content that your visitors looking for. Your content should also have the right density of keywords. Getting quality backlinks will help your rankings too.

8. Secure and robust website

Securing your website with an SSL (secure sockets layer) certificate has become a must-have. SSL Certificates help ensure website security. Even Google prioritized websites with SSL certificates for better search engine rankings. Visitors do not like continue with a website that gives a message ‘this website is not secure.’

9. Website analytics

Adding analytics helps to measure behaviors of your website visitors, thus helping in your marketing. Analytics give metrics that can be intelligent asset to your business as with metrics you can find number of visitors you get, bounce rate, specific pages they visited, and source of traffic and so on.

10. Website Privacy Policy

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we do business. This said, your policy page on your business website is now one of the most important legal agreements for your online business irrespective your industry.


Definitely web design is a fast changing field. Beside the basics, if you implement above tips, at Digiant Media, our web design and development experts believe it will help your website drive traffic and grow business immensely.

Knowing the key features and elements that boost your website further to grow your business is vital for your team. Given the amount of time your audience spend online in cities like Dubai and Abu Dhabi, it is crucial to know how to leverage on website to make most out of it in 2021.

Digiant Media is a leading web design agency in Dubai, UAE, we work with our clients to build their websites that attract visitors, boost engagement and inspire growth.

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