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Professional Web Design and Custom Web Development Services in Dubai

professional-web-design-and-custom-web-development-services-in-dubai October 8, 2020

Having an effective website for business can boost your chances of driving more traffic and generating more leads and sales. In Dubai, it is important to hire professional web design and development services or company who can deliver a website with performance and results in the lines with your marketing objective.

A web design and development company with considerable experience in Dubai, is in better position to understand its market place and factors that influence the cosmopolitan audience of this vibrant city.

For example, let us weigh what makes web design and development company like Digiant Media in Dubai consistent about building your website project a huge success.

Content Management System (CMS) based website with ability to easily add, update and manage your content (including visuals). Thus, allowing your team to keep your site updated with important information or product lines and so on.

Responsive and optimized web design, so that your website can be accessed smoothly across different devices including smartphones and tablets. This nicely fits into the digital economy of Dubai.

Experienced web designers and developers with vast experience in Dubai and expertise in custom functionality and integrations.

Based in Dubai, UAE, at Digiant Media, our main constant ambition is to meet your business needs and to provide website solutions for your business growth online. Our web design and development team is consists of project manager, web designers, website programmers, SEO experts, Content writer and web graphic designers, who use latest technology and their experience to create real world results and ROI on your web design investment.

Our web design services in Dubai include diverse portfolio starting from dynamic website to complex, WordPress, CMS based websites and ecommerce web design.


The bottom line is to have an effective website for your business growth, you need to have web design services that deliver results aligned to your goals.

Explained below, how it works:

Website that fits across all devices

It goes without saying the importance mobile-friendly website can be ignored in these times. With mobile compliant web design technology, you are in much better place to expand your customer database and to drive more traffic, especially in UAE where the number of mobile phone users and Internet penetration is colossal. Imagine the exposure of your business site can make a huge leap, if it runs on smart phones smoothly.

According to Statista,



Customized Website for every business

At Digiant Media, we understand each client’s aim and needs are different. Therefore, as part of our robust web design and development process, we listen, discuss and research before working on your website project. The motto is to provide solution according to your brief and business needs.  With combined experience of over 20 years of web design services in Dubai, we try to give you suggestions to help you get a professional website while working with your team.

Manage your content

We integrate and build user-friendly content management systems to your website so that it can be updated without any formal technical knowledge. If you have an ecommerce store, you update your products and their details as well easily. We also provide documentation on how to update your website when your project is completed.

SEO – Friendly Website

It is a huge advantage if your website shows up on the first page of key search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN and so on. This helps boost your leads and sales as visitors look for your products and services instead of you are looking for them.  Our web copywriters and developers ensure you get SEO Friendly coding and content for your upcoming website.

Below, we have outlined main services that you should get from your web design and development company:

  • Professional, Custom Website Design
    Each website has unique design needs. Expect design, web page layouts and aesthetics with easy navigation and call for actions for your site to match your brand guidelines and provide delightful user-experience.
  • Expert Advice and Research
    After the initial briefing and meeting with your team, a list of professional web design and development companies(including us) do research on market, competitors followed by creating a wireframe for your website.  The objective with competition research is to know what works for your counterparts in Dubai marketplace and create a plan to beat the competition.
    Each phases of web design and development process is guided by web designing company’s experience and your brief. It is crucial the service provider remains focused on your work in order to deliver result oriented website.
  • Front-end HTML / CSS development and Back-end website development
    Froma website’s efficiency point of view, especially complex websites for instance ecommerce sites, both frontend and backend are important as they contribute immensely to the aesthetics and functionality. In Dubai, a list of web design companies have in-house website programmers who excel in coding and building functionality for your website for successful testing and launch.

A few key things to consider when choosing as Web Design Company in Dubai:

  • Web Design Company Experience
  • Websites work and portfolio including types of websites the company has built. And the industries they have worked with.
  • In-house designing and development team along with multiple people with different skillsets
  • Services’ provider’s understanding of market and competition
  • SEO/ Marketing capabilities
  • Testimonials and references
  • Website project pricing

Here are mini details why the above points matter:

Website Project Portfolio

Web designing and development company’s portfolio is the best way to know the quality of websites as well as various industries they have been working with. It may be possible they have not work in your industry but their detailing in project and research can manifest their capability. Professional web design companies do not have problem walking you through folio of websites that they have built in the past.

Based In Dubai

Make sure the company has a in-house team based in Dubai, where you meet their project manager or account manager for needful discussions about your website project.

This would help you focus on other important tasks for your business while they designing and developing your site.

Customer Service

It is important for you to know that how they will support you throughout the development process and if they timely revert to your emails and calls. Work ethics matter to meet the milestones and to respect the deadline of your project. Importantly to know are they going to work collectively with your team.

Client Testimonials

Try to find reviews of the past work of the website company. If there is none, you can ask for web design testimonials or references that you may contact.

Web Design Pricing

Keeping in mind the digital economy of Dubai, it is advised you must think in terms of business growth andreturn on investment (ROI). Working with top Web Design Company, you will feel a website is not an expense but a profitable investment.

Having mentioned the above, you should check if the company is cost effective and can deliver real world results.


Overall you need web design services provider that can be trusted, has genuine experience in Dubai with proven results. Make sure you have a verified checklist before selecting professional web design services or company.

If you have queries or need a free consultation (with no obligation) for your website project, you can contact Dubai based Digiant web design team today.

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