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How Web Design Services can help your startup business in Dubai

How-Web-Design-Services-can-help-your-startup-business-in-Dubai September 24, 2020

Dubai is the most digitalized city in the Middle East and truly a cosmopolitan city. And if you have a startup here, it is vital to realize that your business needs Dubai web design services to have a professional business website up and running – it is not a mere addition to your business but a necessity to establish your place in this competitive business hub.

With exponential rise of Internet users in Dubai and UAE, your website serves as a primary source of information to your potential online customers looking for your product or service, and contact information all in one place. Hence it is crucial that your web design company creates a professional, user-friendly, responsive, and attractive website for your startup.

At Digiant Web Design Services, we feel it is a fact, its 2020 if you have business in Dubai, you have a website.

According to SWEOR website article published in March 2020:

57 per cent of Internet users say they won’t recommend a business that in not smart-phone friendly (responsive across devices in general).

38 per cent of visitors will stop engaging with a website if its content or layout are not user-friendly.

It is crucial for startups to give huge importance to your online presence by hiring professional, experienced web design services to plan and build your website.

Here are a key points explaining how effective web design can boost your startup.

Your business online face

Your website gives first impression to your online visitors. That’s why it is important that your website should be effective, user-friendly & must ignites a desired action. Hence, the web design process should not be compromised.

In addition, make sure your website is responsive across devices including smart phones, and significant features, functionality and content. From our experience in web design services in Dubai, we at Digiant media recommend as a startup, essentially, you need a beautiful yet robust and effective as well as SEO-friendly website.

Web development scalability

Your web design service provider must deliver a website that is dynamic enough to be scaled up in future. So that when your business starts growing your site would able to incorporate more features and functionality without affecting the key traits of it such as loading-speed, user-friendliness and so on.

UAE’s digital economy

UAE is one of the top countries in the world which has amazing Internet speed, this has resulted a massive upswing in the average time spent online by users in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and other Emirates. If your startup does not able to tap on this opportunity, then you are definitely losing out on a larger percentage of customers.

Market information

With Google analytics tool, you can collect insightful visitors data and demographics. This, in turn, can help in your marketing and converting potential visitors into your customers.

Startup credibility

Like every successful business, your startup needs to establish trust and credibility. A lot of it depends on web design service company to deliver a professionally designed, attractive website that boosts your credibility.

Website works for you 24/7

Your website is a business store for your startup allowing your online visitors check your products or services anytime, from anywhere. It is like top sales people that works 24/7. Discuss and plan with your web designer or web design service provider to create an effective website that can convert visitors into customers and make a difference to your ROI.

Connecting with your customers directly

You can have social media links connected to your website, and vice versa. This makes a powerful tool for interacting with your customers directly to find their requirements. With a website, you can also include a blog or feed or email-subscription, which will allow you to keep them updated with latest events, promotions etc., and to gain feedback from them.

Customer support

Your website with FAQs can answer personalized questions relating to your products and services. Plus, updating content based on current customer needs or product offerings can help boost your customer service.

The bottom line is to hire web design services in Dubai that can deliver an effective website for your startup. And when you work with professionals, they deliver you a website tailored to your business needs which in long run is cost effective as well.


In Dubai’s digital economy, your startup needs an effective website that is beautiful, robust, user-friendly and SEO-friendly as well as dynamic with compelling content and updated functionality to drive traffic and generate leads or sales.  A professional web design service can help you achieve this designing and developing your startup website from scratch aligned to your business needs.

Based in Dubai, over the years Digiant Media, with its web design services has helped numerous startups. We can do the same for you too. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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