Web Design

How Do I Get Started With Digiant Media Web Design Services?

Simply give us a call or email us direct. Or you can fill out our contact us form and submit – we will get back to you as soon as possible (usually within a day) to discuss your website project.

Why Should I Choose Digiant Web Design Team?

Our website designers and developers are experienced who can assure you peace of mind by delivering a professional, effective website. Over the years, we have built websites that have proved truly effective to our clients’ businesses. We believe, we can do the same for you.

Can I Give Comments On My Website Design?

Absolutely! Communication brief is key to know about goals and expectations of your website. Throughout the website design and development process we keep clear communication to avoid any unexpected surprises and hiccups. At every stage we will be having your feedback. At the same time, both of our design and development team work in tandem to avoid any lapse in communication.

How Does Digiant Web Design Service Work?

The web design project starts with an initial face-to-face meeting. For overseas clients, the meeting happens via online videoconference on client’s browser or video device. We are based in Dubai, but we continue to serve across Middle East and globally.

Step 1: Initiate a meeting and gather information
  • Know the client’s expectations, key goals and purpose
  • Collect information about clients business, demographics, target audience, competitors
Step 2: Plan the project with the team
  • Research and brainstorming on the information gathered
  • Evaluate the project in details; ask pertinent questions (if any), make suggestions to make most out of the website
  • Eliminate any unexpected surprises; Avoid assumptions
  • Select the most efficient technology for that particular project (programming language, content management system (CMS), framework)
Step 3: Start the Design Process
  • Create a sitemap (depiction of relations among main areas of website) and put the ideas of brainstorming on paper in form of sketches
  • Create wireframe and three mockup designs for approval
  • Share the mockup designs with the client for feedback and review
  • Work on approved mockup design, discuss with client for final review for any changes as it concludes the designing phase
Step 4: Start the Development Process
  • Start coding and development based on the type of project and chosen platform
  • Include the planned features and functionality, check its adaptability across mobile devices (responsive website)
  • Do the Onsite SEO for the website (SEO – friendly)
Step 5: Test, Review and Launch Website
  • Test the website on our server and review
  • Do the final testing and launch

During or after the web development process, we can write the content for your website, depending on client if they want content writing service from us. This is also an opportunity to boost up further a SEO-friendly website.

What Is A Content Management System?

A content management system, popularly known as CMS, is a platform which we build on your website so that you can edit the website via an online admin panel. You will be provided with login details through which you can update your website in a few clicks, change or remove or add content, without the need to contact us.


Logo Design

How long does the logo design take?

From initial brief to finish we usually allow up to two weeks to complete your logo design in its entirety. Please note that the two week turnaround is also dependent on response and approval times, and the number of revisions requested to the final design.

What if I want to make changes to my logo design?

If at any point during our logo design process you feel like making some changes to your preferred/ chosen design, just let our team know, and we will work with you to come up with a solution that you are happy with.

After the logo is delivered and final payment is made, if you still want changes to your logo design. This however will be charged at an agreed hourly rate.

Who owns the copyright of the logo?

When the design is completed and pertinent files of logo design delivered to you, and the final payment has been received, you will own the full copyright of your logo. We only reserve the right to show the logo as part of our work portfolio.