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A step-by-step guide to find the best website company in Dubai

A-step-by-step-guide-to-find-the-best-website-company-in-Dubai November 26, 2020

As Dubai and UAE have highest Internet penetration and are at the top position for number of Internet users among all countries in Middle East (source: Internet World Stats), it makes utmost essential to invest in building an effective website for your business in Dubai.

To make your website a profitable investment, it is key for the UAE businesses to choose the best website company in Dubai that takes professional and creative approaches, and offers effective website solutions for you. At Digiant media, we emphasize your website should be a profitable investment not an expense.

Simply put, we endorse working with best website company can contribute immensely to your business in terms of your online presence, service/ product awareness, customer engagement, and driving sales.

According to a Google study, around 80% users research business or service or product on the Internet prior to make a buying decision.


Still not satisfied with above information, below we have put some points from our team’s experience at Digiant media web design agency based in Dubai.

  • In Dubai’s digital economy, customers do not trust a business without a website. And your website is a gateway to massive opportunities.
  • With your website, you would be able to drive and attract new customers. This, in turn, will help you generate practical results.
  • Your website is your business on the Internet will be open 24/ 7 throughout the year.
  • With your website, you can showcase your brand, products and services to a wider audience. Thus positioning your business in a better way.
  • Customized website designing is not as difficult, or as expensive in Dubai, as you may be thinking.

Before outlining key steps for choosing a top website design company in Dubai, we recommend you to chalk out a few vital points related to your upcoming website like: your business goals, define your target audience and demographics, online expectations and so on. All this information will be useful when you start communicating with a list of website design companies.


To make it easy for you, below, we have outlined common steps to find and hire the best website company in Dubai for your business.

Step 1: Check out work portfolio

Your website company work/ projects portfolio will show you the professionalism, experience and expertise that it has.

Explore their work across the company-size and industries if the web designs are customized and vary based on each client’s needs. Consider if they have worked in projects similar to your industry. The overall portfolio will also give you an idea, if the agency is update with latest web design and development trends or not.

With over 20 years of combined experience in the field of website design in Dubai, we understand website companies with related experience and high skilled designers and developers are more likely to understand your online business needs and solve your issues.

UX Design

You can also check out the quality of UX design, features and functionality they have used in websites presented in their portfolio. Consider the following points: User-friendliness and navigation of landing and inner pages, and whether the layouts are clutter-free and appealing.

Step 2: Check social media pages of the website company

One of the hallmark of web design companies is they are active on the social media. They regularly interact with their audience and post, share knowledge and expertise and creativity on these platforms.

Step 3: Check out the web design and development process and deliverables

Process of a website company provides how they set clear objectives, features and deliverables. The phases of the process clearly define the tasks that are entailed in each of the phase with timelines. The project phases are communicated through presentation and explanation of progress in details.

Our process, at Digiant media is straight forward and entails:


  1. Discuss

We discuss the project along with your expectations and business needs, which results in a series of findings. This helps us in building custom website design.

  1. Plan

We do comprehensive research on your demographics; unique selling points as well as we analyze the market, which helps in planning and making a roadmap for your website project.

  1. Design

During this stage our website graphic designer creates multiple concepts (mockup designs) based on the creative brief generated out of planning and ideation. The UI design focuses not only on the visual appeal but also on layout for customer acquisition and retention.

  1. Develop

After the design is approved, our web developer team commences coding of webpages which is building features, functionality and user-friendly effects for your website.

In addition, we make the webpages fast loading, mobile-responsive and editable through custom management system (CMS).

  1. Test

After the development of website, we double-check the work in order to make sure your website is working efficiently.

  1. Launch

Finally once the testing is done across various devices, we make it live for online users.

At Digiant media, our process is segregated by the milestones, which are accompanied by deliverables and deadlines according to discussed plan at the beginning of the project.

In addition, after completion of project, we give you control panel and complete ownership of your site.

Key role of the team during web design and development process at a glance:

Dedicated Project Manager: Communication and discussion with client’s team, content management, management of deliverable and timelines, testing

 Web Designer: Creative and user-focused layouts, customize visual elements

Web Developer: Coding, CSS implementation, use of software like javascript, jquery to name a few, testing and launch

Your website company’s point of differentiation

Digiant Media as your agency – for us, it is quite important that your website stands out in a highly crowded business marketplace of Dubai. Your degree of online presence can make a huge difference amongst your competitors. With so much competition exists in business here, we try to differentiate your website from your competitors with our in-depth website design process.

Our approach is to make sure to deliver you a credible, effective website design that differentiates from the audience and generates trust in prospective and existing customers.  Among the key traits, strong branding is often overlooked in web designing. Plus, lack of creativity and high-quality content can be disappointing to your website visitors.

Since its inception in Dubai, Digiant has constantly inventing its process of custom web design for the best outcome. Throughout the process, we maintain clear communication with our clients and provide them milestones to keep them updated about the progress.

Boost your website credibility with your agency

Here are four basic points you can adopt during website design and development process to boost credibility of your company through website.

‘About’ page of your website

At Digiant, we see the ‘About’ (or ‘About Us’) page a huge opportunity to promote your company in a creative way. Essentially, here you can inform people who you are in an interesting, story-telling way.

Mere incorporating information in a sloppy way will keep away your visitors. For instance, to increase its readability and excitement, one can add photos, timelines, creative headlines and sub headlines (copywriting for website design content).

‘Testimonial Section’ of your website

Mentioning what your previous and existing clients say about your service and products impacts to a great extent to your visitors. Make sure you include their real names with respective company names and designations (if possible).

‘Clients or Partners’ logo on your website

Make a section on the homepage and a dedicated webpage to showcase your clients and partners company logos. This is another brilliant way to establish trust and credibility for your business.

One can also include certifications or accreditations on your website.

‘Contact Us’ page of your website 

Providing clear contact details gives transparency about your business. It keeps open line of communication with your customers. Apart from the dedicated ‘contact’ (or ‘contact us’) page, one can also put contact details on the footer of their website for more convenient web experience.

‘Social Media Page Links’ on your website

Considering Dubai and UAE have one of the highest densities of social media users in the world. According to Global Media Insight, 99.06 per cent of UAE population is active on social media. Therefore, it will boost your digital marketing efforts if you have social media icons on your website. Beside, it helps in promoting your brand and growing its followers, increasing social interaction, targeting specific markets, to name a few.

Step 4: Check out what website company clients’ say

Reviews and testimonials of previous clients are the significant indicators of the company’s professionalism and quality. They are even more valuable if you find them across social media and other credible sites like Google reviews and so on.

Some more tips to engage with the prospective web design companies

  • Visit the agency’s own website
  • Check out their background
  • Set up a meeting to discuss about your website project

Questions for your website agency

While discussing your project with agency, here are the related questions you can ask to know them better.

  • Do they have a process for web design and development?
  • What is their web design approach (whether it is user-centric)?
  • What steps would the project involve?
  • How do you measure results?
  • What happens if our team wants to update or change the content of the website after the project?
  • Are you doing digital marketing or onsite SEO?

You can go through their FAQs section to obtain information about their services.

If you are hiring a website design and development company in Dubai, you need to have an idea what makes an effective web design.

From visual point of view, your website needs stunning appearance (to create first impression), aesthetic appeal, responsive design, clutter-free, smooth navigation, and user experience (UI/UX)and engaging features complimented by persuasive content.

From technical point of view, you website needs robust functionality, bug-free (secure), latest technologies, fast-loading feature and well-defined call-to-action buttons.


Simply put, your website is face of your business on Internet. It speaks for your business, and must resonate the brand image of your company when you want to drive customers, investors and develop partnerships with others.

In the above article gives you useful steps and comprehensive information about how to find a website design company in Dubai for your business. At Digiant media, we understand the web design team can make your online presence successful.

Therefore, it is key to choose a right team for effective designing and coding, offering practical website solutions. Knowing and understanding the process and roles of web designing and development services will help you narrow your search and enable you to find the best website company as your business partner.

In Dubai, for businesses, online presence is not an option but a must to sustain and to be competitive.

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