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Simple Password Habits to Avoid Hacking Attacks

Avoid Hacking Attacks June 13, 2020

All of us will emphasize the importance of protecting our devices, online accounts, and personal data from the hackers, although remembering passwords has become a tiresome task considering substantial growth of data and accounts. But password protection is important, as it will help guard your business and save your vital data from being stolen and misused. Study shows, about 80 per cent of hacking occurrences are due to poor password habits. (Source: Secure Link)

Here are a few Do’s and Don’ts of password management practices that can help avoid hacking attacks:


Use a strong password.

Change password regularly.

Implement two-factor or multi-factor authentication.

If the account will get breached, reset all the passwords.

Use different passwords for all accounts.


Don’t use the same password everywhere.

Don’t use personal information in your password.

Don’t save passwords in your browser.

Don’t use an alphabet sequence/a number sequence/a keyboard sequence.

Don’t share your passwords too liberally.

At Digiant Media, we encourage good password habits to enhance security.

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