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Custom Website to Conversion Rate

Custom-Website-to-Conversion-Rate September 17, 2018

Merely having a stunning website is of no use, if your customers do not buy your products or services. Your website should be more than just a series of web pages that is placed in the web space. At Digiant media agency, we understand that as a key marketing tool, your website aim should be boosting the conversion rate thus bringing more revenue to business.

We have highlighted here few points that can boost the conversion rate of your website:

1. Compelling Content

Your potential customer visits your website with certain thing in mind. It is important to consider those points whilst building your website. The focus should be on your pertinent customers not everyone. The demographic and psychographic attributes of your customers play important role in understanding their needs and wants. Based on them, your website agency can focus on the content of the website.

2. Call To Action

Once the customer visits your website, it is time for action of conversion. Your website must possess varied yet simple ways of source of conversion like tabs, forms, links and so on. If the customer could not find relevant or comfort way to take actions they will go to other websites to do so. The ‘call to actions’ sources need to be strategically placed on your website. Remember, every source of call to action is possible revenue.

3. Avoid Redundancy

Too much addiction for style can affect the substance of your website. It needs to be balanced properly. The website is not a showpiece but one of the key goals is conversion. Proper layout and aesthetics encourage customer to stay longer on your website and take actions. Keeping it simple and user-friendly often does the job.

4. Easy Forms

Today’s browsers are more exposed to your responsive websites, thanks to the increasing usage of smart phones and tablets. Hence, the forms on your website for ‘call to actions’ need to be readily available on these gadgets. What’s more, due to hectic schedules of modern life, the forms you used on your website should be simple and concise. Asking to many things to fill can be irritating to many of your potential customers. Go for just the relevant information, you needed from them. Do make sure your forms are working properly, including captcha part.

5. Testimonials (And Happy Brands)

Having testimonials would boost the credibility of your website and consequently of your business. Your potential customers’ trust on your products and services goes up when they found other customers trust on products and services. And if you already have customers who have brought your products/ services and have delightful experience, you can showcase their names or brand logosto boost the credibility of your company. This will breed more trust among your potential customers.

Want to build an efficient website that will boost your conversion rate? Get in touch with us, Digiant Media Agency – a leading web solution provider in Dubai (UAE).

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