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Video Production Company in Dubai – how to find one and create video content

The behavior of customers changed as a result of COVID-19, which has made online presence inevitable for companies. And customers are now watching more videos than ever before. Businesses need video content production companies, whether your industry is about products or services, potential customers want to connect with you via online. Put simply, in order to boost your business’s online presence, video content plays a vital role in these times.

According to studies, 80 percent of consumers have consumed more content since the coronavirus out break than they did before. And emphatically, by 2022, 80 percent of content creation will be video.

Source: forbes.com

Digiant Media, a leading Dubai Video Content Production Company that helps businesses in creating customized video content to drive engagement and convert views as part to amplify your brands online presence and boost sales as part of your marketing strategy. For us, videos are vital marketing assets for any business.

Videos in Dubai and Middle East have become more and more prevalent and on demand in recent years due to extraordinary growth of Internet penetration and online users, plus videos, whether social media video posts or corporate videos or explainer videos, are one of the most efficient ways to communicate with your audience. At Digiant, social media Posts and creative video content agency, our aim is to create videos that inspire, engage and influence your audience to take action through creativity and professional quality.

What is video content marketing?

It is an important part of marketing plan that consists of creating and disseminating valuable and consistent video content to your target audience with the aim of inspiring, engaging and influencing them to take action. The online video content can be any content format. Among the common forms of video content for marketing include promo videos, corporate videos, social media videos, explainer videos and so on.

Why is video content marketing important to your business?

The demand of online video is rising like never before, thanks to increasing Internet penetration and magnificent growth in use of smart phones. Study shows, today’s online audience prefer videos to reading.


Reasons why video content is important to companies

As majority of your audience prefer video content to reading. The more audience engage with your content means more chances of lead generation.

Engaging content will increase the chances your audience spend time on videos. Online users spend enormous hours on social media and smart phones; video content makes them spend more time on your high quality content.

With customized video content, companies can show more things in short time which others format of content cannot do.  If you want do compete in hypercompetitive marketplace, companies need to think strategically about video content. At Digiant media, we help clients build strong content video marketing strategy for all the social media platforms – YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and so on. Videos need to be optimized for special platforms. Our aim is to get the best video solution for your business.

Experienced and professional video creation company can help you create videos with storytelling and meeting your customers’ expectations. Hiring a top agency can help you boost your online presence with video content, which can form vital part of buyers’ decision-making process.

Approach to video will boost your engagement with introductions, hooks and call-to-action in the video.

Video content is important part of the digital marketing. Promote your content to build brand awareness and to convert changes. With your potential buyers consuming online videos every day, companies can use video content in their digital marketing strategy for the best results.

How Digiant Media creates promo videos, explainer videos, corporate videos and social media videos for you.


We listen and understand your brand along with your marketing objectives. Secondly, we discuss the optimal platforms and channels where the video content will be distributed. This helps us create a brand story to attract, engage and influence your target audience.


Creativity and Preproduction

Over the years, Digiant media has created high quality, creative content for Dubai and other Middle East Cities’ businesses. No matter what your budget is, we customize our cost for video production to suit your video needs. Creativity remains at the heart of planning and script writing process as we deliver bespoke videos to sell, build brand awareness, reach existing as well as new audiences, solve problems, inform and so on, depending on the aim of the content.


Our in-house experts create all aspects of your video content production. We expect to discuss with us before production if you have specific ideas or visuals to be included in your video.

Post Production

This phase includes mainly video editing, reviews/ approval and final video delivery


Planning, creating, scripting, crewing and delivering compelling videos for your company, we have you covered.

Steps to attract audience to watch your videos

If you have created high quality videos, it is equally important that it gets maximum views, likes and shares by your online visitors as well as by corporate users.

Here are some of the points that marketing teams need to consider for their videos.

  • Keeping your videos to optimal length

Instead of having long videos because you have bigger budget, your aim should be to capture your viewer’s attention within first few seconds of your video. The length of your video also depends on platforms it will be disseminated.

According to Hubspot, the ideal length of videos for social media platforms.

Instagram – 30 Seconds, Twitter – 45 Seconds, Facebook – 1 Minutes, YouTube – 2 Minutes

  • Understanding your audience

At Digiant media, we make sure we discuss content that is relevant to your brand and understand your audience, and on which platform they spend most of their time. Apart from the types of content, it also helps us focus on the core of message.

  • Utilizing all the distribution platforms

Opting for posting your video across various social media channels can help reaching a wider audience. YouTube is second largest search engine and is the consumers’ primary source of video content. Facebook and Instagram videos are fast becoming leading source of video content.

  • Optimizing your video content for Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engines like Google love high quality, engaging content. Our video content production experts at Digiant media recommend following steps to make your video SEO friendly.

Keep your titles short and catchy

Add right keywords to the description

Link your video to your website or landing page

Use tags that are relevant to viewers search

Use visually appealing thumbnail to seize viewers’ attention

According to Cisco, over 80% of all traffic will consist of video in year 2021.

  • Using emotions in your video content

Video storytelling about your brand or product or services should be part of your marketing strategy that evokes specific reactions. Brand videos, which can associate emotionally with viewers, are more likely to be seen as trusted brands.

How to use video content to grow your business

On average, study shows, an Internet user spends 88 percent more time on content with video. This makes an excellent opportunity for businesses to have video marketing strategies to increase their customer base. There are different kinds of videos that can help you achieve your objectives.

Use video to drive traffic, study shows 8 billion videos are viewed every day. Due to greater engagement, Google ranks video content higher than anything else.

Boost your brand with social media sites like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn, where videos increase engagement with your brand through social sharing.

What’s more, video marketing is one of the economical ways to advertise your products and/or services.

10 Ways to Use Video Marketing

Videos are fast becoming the leading source of all web traffic.

  • Ensure brand story telling videos that engage with your viewers’ emotions
  • Engage consistently with your brand or products. For example, at Digiant media, we create video post calendar for our clients to stay consistent
  • Optimize your video content to improve Google search ranking and increase bounce rate
  • Emphasize on brand awareness for the business growth
  • Embed videos in your marketing communications to increase the conversion rate
  • Use your videos to inform and educate
  • Launch a new product or service
  • Drive traffic to your website or landing page
  • Make sure you have responsive videos to engage with mobile users
  •  Create instructive videos to explain complicated concepts

Digiant Media video production is made in Dubai and trusted by the UAE’s top brands of all sizes across a diverse range of industries. As a content creation and video production agency in Dubai, UAE, our team of creative writer, storyboard artist, art director, animator and videographer work in tandem, creating videos across different platforms and areas for our clients. The bottom line is: we are here to leverage data and technology, and create videos and content to help your business grow in Dubai dynamic online marketplace and digital economy.

As your video content production company, we can help you with following types of video:

Social Media Video Posts

With rise of social media users, social media video posts have become most impactful and cost-effective in 2021. Your presence on social media has become the face of your company and mobile has become the first screen of your audience; hence at Digiant Media we understand videos are key to your business social media strategy. We are committed to content based video production for your brands that work across different social media platforms and channels – be it YouTube Videos, Instagram Stories, Facebook Videos, Twitter, LinkedIn and so on.

According to Social Media Today, 90% of consumers feel a video influence their buying decision.

Make sure you hire a social media video production agency in Dubai who can create and deliver quality video content for your brand and products/ services customized to your marketing needs. 


YouTube Video Ads

Study reveals that in 2020, 5 billion videos being watched on YouTube daily, with average visitor spends 40 minutes on the site at a time.

Advantages of Content on YouTube

  • Expand your reach and brand Awareness
  • Reach your target audience cost effectively
  • Convert viewers into customers by adding call to action feature
  • Use analytics to improve your content and views, and subsequently boost conversion

Instagram Videos

With over 1 billion monthly users, Instagram as social media and now Instagram TV (IGTV), our experts see Instagram as a powerful platform for video stories for your brand and products/ services.

With Instagram TV, you can post longer videos to explain your products or educate about your services. Instagram video marketing is great source to drive traffic of mobile phone users.

Facebook Video Ads

Video content on Facebook helps you expand your social media audience reach. It provides different formats for the videos customized to make out of the ads. Digiant social media video production team works with our clients to define their video campaign objectives and plan the most effective social media strategy for your business.


As we create videos and help you incorporate them into your facebook marketing strategy. Here what we can do for your business videos on facebook.

  • In the Feed: Share your videos via slideshows, carousels, collections and more.
  • In Stream: Engage your viewers with your brand ads like television ads.
  • In Stories: Engage your audience with interactive brand storytelling videos for Facebook and Instagram stories.

Digiant media as your digital marketing and video production company, we understand the importance of social media video posts and feeds that fit to the leading social media platforms including YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and so on.

Today, Digiant media is a leading video production company for social media.

Product Promotional Videos

Promotional videos are no longer an option to be part of your marketing plan but a must.

Video promotion makes it easy for your audience to understand your products and services in a short time. Using videos to show benefits of your products and services increase chances of convincing consumers to make a purchase.

In fact, consumers find it more convenient to watch a promo video than reading about products and services.

Demo Videos

Demo videos, including 3D product demo videos, help your audience find out information about your products features and benefits. They are compelling way to illustrate your product’s value and process of solving your customers’ problem.  

Corporate Videos

At Digiant Media, our aim is to create corporate videos production that connect your business with audiences by efficient story telling. We understand that corporate video can represent what you do in shortest time.

We offer value added service by creating short social media videos from your corporate video.

Explainer Videos

With these kinds of videos, we highlight the key features and benefits (including unique selling points etc.) of your product. In the time of social media and busy life, it is a perfect way to market your product through effective video rather than images, as latter do not cover whole product or brand story.

What’s more, we emphasize on content to engage your audience emotionally.

Testimonial Videos

Testimonial Videos are powerful as they boost credibility and authenticity of your brand. At Digiant, we encourage to have video interviews and testimonials as an important part of your marketing strategy.

Training Videos

Videos are powerful when it comes to influence behavior. Whether you need videos to train your staff or students or general public, we create videos that turn your audiences into engrossed learners.

Customer Service Videos

Successful businesses understand importance of high level of customer service. Delivering tutorial video on customer service can deliver extensive advantages to the external as well as internal customers.

Workplace Safety Videos

Safety videos are quite convenient to educate your workforces. At Digiant media, we help large organizations with detailed and accurate health and safety videos.

We also offer videos of aerials captured through drone filming. Stunning footage help you boost your company reputation.

WhatsApp Marketing Videos

WhatsApp as an online platform helps disseminating marketing messages with video content in few seconds and it works on both Android and iPhones seamlessly.

Animated Graphic Videos

Animated graphic videos are amazing when you want to make your marketing message stand out.

Elearning Videos

Video-based education increases learning outcomes, boosts social
relationship, and saves time and cost of an organization.

As one of the leading video production companies in Dubai, UAE, here is the Industries Digiant Work with for video content production.

  • IT & Technology
  • Corporate Communications
  • Consumer Products & Brands
  • Health & Wellness
  • Home & Interior
  • Travel & Hospitality
  • Beauty
  • Food & Beverage
  • Advertising
  • Public Affairs
  • Event
  • Entrainment & Sports

How to choose right video production company in Dubai


Check the video work portfolio or examples of projects done by the agency. Need to know if they provide comprehensive services including writing and creating storyboards etc., for video content – this way you will be covered. Do they understand?

  • What kind of video you are looking for
  • The marketing objectives
  • The target audience
  • The core message and call to action
  • Market differentiation and USP
  • Your brand values

Request the agency for a proposal with services and breakdown of costs and timeline. Discuss every phase of your project in details before signing a contract.

Make sure if the agency is supportive and quite transparent and realistic about budget. Contrary to thought that video production costs are astonishingly expensive and complicated in Dubai, video production is actually not expensive, if you find experienced and professional agency. We recommend you to request for quotes from different video production agencies. This will give you an idea on estimation. At Digiant media, we offer video content production services in cost-effective way to encompass your business needs.

Why clients trust Digiant media video content agency

Our process allows us to understand your business and audience. Based on discussion and research, we deliver effective video production. Over the years we have helped Dubai businesses with their video content solutions because of our skills, experience and expertise.

Reasons to choose Digiant Media:

  • Cost Effective and Efficient Video Production
  • High Quality and Result-Focused Video Production
  • Full-service agency – our team covers writing scripts, creating storyboards, copywriting to voice overs, animation, rendering and much more.
  • Customer service with transparent communication
  • Free marketing consultation

How to generate revenue with your video content

Video content is kind of a catalyst to your sale process as potential buyers think less and act sooner. In fact, buyers today like videos because they are entertaining and engaging, and marketing teams like it because it has become source of positive return on investment (ROI) through many channels.

Our aim is to make video production more affordable and prevalent. We want you to be smart with your budget and invest in video marketing cost-effective way.


Video has become one of the most impactful content forms for your audience due to growth of Internet and increase of smart phone users. In 2021, video content solution is a powerful marketing tool for all sorts of businesses from small companies to large organizations for reaching viewers and converting them into your customers that have a real impact on your business.

If you are looking for video content production company for your business, contact Digiant media today and find out more about our different video production packages that we offer and reason why to choose us. We are based in Dubai, and ready to hear your communication brief and expectations to create your next video.

As your video content production and advertising company in Dubai, we are committed to create engaging video content for all types of platforms and channels that help attract and generate more valuable customers.

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